Why Steelwood

Steelwood Capital provides a unique option for business owners looking to sell their companies. In addition to financial liquidity, we provide the management dedication required to ensure the ongoing success and growth of the enterprise. Our team of successful entrepreneurs and business operators understand the concerns of both individual business owners and family-owned enterprises.

Not your traditional private equity or buy-out shops

We offer business owners a unique alternative to traditional liquidity options by providing a more flexible approach in how we structure our investment. We believe this approach allows owners to accomplish their goals for liquidity while ensuring the long-term success of the business. At Steelwood Capital, we:

  • Commit 100% of our resources to focus on managing the acquired company

  • Endeavor to protect and build upon the reputation and legacy of your company

  • Focus on retaining and developing the company's employees after acquisition

  • Think long-term with an industrialist vision, unrestricted by preset exit deadlines

  • Bring a talented investors base comprised of successful entrepreneurs and operators

Fair and fast process that ensures success outcomes

Because we are focused on making a single acquisition, 100% of our leadership, operational, financial, and legal experience will go toward your company's success. When working with us, you can expect:

  • Certainty to close. We move quickly for compelling opportunities and have significant capital resources to ensure that we never fail to close a deal for lack of funding

  • A solid offer price. We offer a fair price for the business and intend to work closely with the owner to structure the transaction that best meets his or her financial and personal objectives

  • Dedication to growth. We are interested in making strategic management decisions focused on creating long term value, not short-term cost cutting or "flipping" the business